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Church Partnerships

We partner with other churches by providing Biblical Counseling to the greater community and to their members.


What is SoulCareNC counseling and how does it help churches?


While all good biblical counseling content is the same (it is based on the authority and sufficiency of the Bible), how and where counseling happens differs. We believe the context is more about community than privacy. While we hold strongly to confidentiality and discretion, we believe in counseling in community. That can look like inviting friends into formal counseling, or doing informal counseling in a small group format.

SoulCareNC Counseling is a non-profit agency of East Hickory Church of Hickory. The ministry offers counseling to the community. Our ministry will seek partnerships with regional churches and pastors to provide counseling and counseling consultation. Additionally, SoulCareNC Counseling will offer counseling training to churches in the region that desire to enrich their members with Biblical counseling skills that help to grow their church care and discipleship. In other words, SoulCare is not just for pastors or biblical counselors but it is the privilege and responsibility of every believer. It can take many forms like mentoring, coaching, and advocacy.



SoulCareNC Counseling was established to provide counseling and help to churches without trained staff or personnel that are capable of handling the complex issues confronting the church. In addition to counseling individuals and families, this ministry also offers counseling and training so as to meet the growing need in churches. This objective is accomplished through the following ministry programs:

Churches: Church care and partnerships are a critical aspect of the SoulCareNC Counseling plan. This will involve contracting care with churches wishing to receive help for cases.

Pastors: SoulCareNC Counseling helps pastors who find the challenge and complexity of individual counseling to be too time consuming or demanding for their level of training. Consulting and joint counseling session will help to reduce those challenges.

Community: We hope to provide counseling and help to the community of Hickory while developing the skills of church leaders and members through the intentional discipleship aspects of SoulCareNC Counseling.



East Hickory Church holds worship services at 10:00AM at the church located at 130 16th St. SE Hickory, NC.

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