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Who We Are


SoulCareNC Counseling is a non-profit ministry of East Hickory Church. We began as a partnership with VerticalLife Church of in Newton, NC.  We have since grown and developed so as to focus on the Hickory area. We seek to make community impact through church and community counseling. SoulCareNC Counseling has been serving the region for three years. We do not charge for our services but operate from the gifts of friends and those whom we serve.

An ongoing goal of the SoulCare Counseling ministry is to seek to serve the Biblical counseling needs in area churches. There are many pastors and congregations in need of counseling help. SoulCare Counseling is positioned to train church leaders and strengthen the care and discipleship of the church.



















Dr. Mark Schmitz [D.Min. counseling] has served along with his wife Sandi in churches in Pennsylvania and North Carolina for more than 45 years. He is the father of four married children and the proud Grampy of 12 grandchildren. His background and experience in Christian ministry include work as a camp director, missionary, seminary professor, minister of edification and lead pastor. His ability to counsel, teach and care for people has seen fruitful results through the years. He has counseled and cared for individuals, couples and families. Through SoulCareNC he has seen Biblical and loving guidance change lives, bring hope and rebuild marriages.

Sandi Schmitz [B.R.E.] has grown up in ministry all of her life. After teaching several years she raised four children and served in churches, camping and missions with her husband. Her biblical insight and genuine care has been a great benefit in counseling women, children and couples. She recently celebrated her 45th anniversary and looks forward to every opportunity to be Granna to her 12 grandchildren.

"Tragedy struck in our own family as homosexuality was tearing apart relationships, divorce was looming and children were caught in the middle [read more]

"When the soul of your child is abused, threatened, and wounded, the hearts of the parents are also wounded…."

[read more]

"Pastor Mark and Sandi Schmitz were there for my family when we needed Biblical wisdom and direction with our teen daughter"   [read more]

"I came at a time of severe crisis, I was suicidal, my marriage was in trouble and our family life was in shambles.[read more]


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