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If you need help and are seeking counsel that is dependent on the Word of God and the Spirit of God so as to promote transforming life change SoulCareNC Counseling is here to help you.

Some issues we counsel:


Abuse                         Addiction

Anger                         Anxiety

Betrayal                     Cutting

Depression                Fear

Pornography             Post-abortion

Worry                         Marriage conflict/issues


SoulCareNC Counseling is a non-profit ministry affiliated with East Hickory Church of Hickory . Our services are funded by tax deductible support gifts from friends of the ministry. We also ask those we counsel to consider giving a tax deductible gift to help us maintain the ministry. We suggest a counseling rate of $100.00 hourly. Our counseling offers both Mark and Sandi in session for couples, children or for ladies. The total number of sessions is variable. Homework will be given. The Bible will be an essential resource for our care. Typically counseling needs run from 6 to 8 sessions per case but this varies based on the simplicity or the complexity of the case.

Contact us at:


Dr. Mark Schmitz
Phone: 828.409.1286


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