My husband and I sought marital counseling during a very difficult time in our relationship and as we began our journey toward healing and restoration we had no idea how life changing Pastor Mark and Sandi’ s counseling would be for each of us. Mark and Sandi did not approach our issues with man's words for resolving our conflict. They used the Word of God that directed us toward a deeper understanding of our own individual behaviors and our personal responsibility of repentance before the Lord as well as to each other. As my husband and I sought to understand God's plan for our marriage and as we yielded to His truth for our brokenness we began to heal from many deep rooted issues that plagued our hearts and affected our marriage. This is a result of how the Lord has gifted the Schmitz's as they have used Biblical Soul Care to minister to countless people who are hurting and need to find God's healing and amazing grace through the truth of His Word. – K&B


Marriage Difficulty

When the soul of your child is abused, threatened, and wounded, the hearts of the parents are also wounded. Children are a blessing from the Lord but when they face severe problems the parent desperately seeks help and respite for the child. Mark and Sandi were the answer to our prayers. We needed wise, compassionate, merciful servants to minister in lovingkindness and truth to our child, and they did just that. They built-up, encouraged, challenged to righteousness, counseled with wisdom, and loved with a balanced mixture of toughness and tenderness. We are grateful for their sage advice and willing hearts. – P

Wounded Child


Pastor Mark and Sandi Schmitz were there for my family when we needed Biblical wisdom and direction with our teen daughter. She struggled with severe anxiety, depression, eating disorder and trichotillomania (hair pulling).

They listened, guided, and at times facilitated discovery of my own opportunities to respond Biblically providing resources to strengthen my knowledge of how God was at work. They sought us out for update and progress, which confirmed the depth of their care for our family. They didn’t treat us like we were just another "case."

They were an irreplaceable blessing to my family! –M&E


I came at a time of severe crisis, I was suicidal, my marriage was in trouble and our family life was in shambles. [read more]
I came at a time of severe crisis, I was suicidal, my marriage was in trouble and our family life was in shambles. I started meeting with Mark and he helped me to evaluate my life, marriage and family with biblical principles and to trust in God again. As we continued to meet, Sandi and Mark helped my wife and I begin the repair work that continues today. We are so much better than where we were and we are so thankful for their biblical guidance. S&J

Severe Crisis

Tragedy struck in our own family as homosexuality was tearing apart relationships, divorce was looming and children were caught in the middle. How could we cope? How could we view the situation biblically, with God’s Word as our guide? We ran to Mark and Sandi for comfort, for resources and for guidance from godly counsel. The Schmitz’ s ministered to our hurting hearts and practically bound up our wounds with much love. It is hard, but it would have been harder without Mark and Sandi. Later, we were delighted when Pastors Mark and Sandi Schmitz trained through a class on Biblical Soul Care. We enjoyed learning from them and feel better equipped to meet the needs of others. . –G&J